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AirPods 3 Case vs. AirPods 2 Case (Comparison)

AirPods 3 Case vs. AirPods 2 Case (Comparison)

Apple wireless AirPods’ design and functionality have evolved. There have been some significant advancements in their appearance and capabilities, including some changes in the charging case as well.

Talking about Airpods 3 and Airpods 2, many people wonder whether they both have the same charging cases. No, they both have different charging cases. The AirPods 3 case introduces a new design and charging capability compared to the AirPods 2 case.

The AirPods 3 case features a more rectangular shape and a shorter height, giving it a slightly different aesthetic than the AirPods 2 case. Additionally, the AirPods 3 case supports wireless charging, allowing for convenient charging without needing a Lightning cable. However, both cases still offer the primary function of protecting and storing the AirPods.

In this post, we’ll discuss the most distinguishing features of Airpods 3 and Airpods 2, with some emphasis on Airpods 3 and 2. You’ll get all the information you need.

Let’s get started!

Comparison of AirPods 2 Vs. AirPod 3

Apple AirPods
Airpods 3 have enhanced Siri control features that make them worth it


Airpods 3 features the latest charging case, compared to Airpods 2. They have almost the same charging case in appearance but differ in shape and size. Unlike the Airpods 2 case, the AirPods 3 case has a slightly more rounded form, smoother edges, and a more upscale appearance.

Additionally, the AirPods charging case for the third generation is shorter and broader. Overall, The third-generation AirPods have an understated and contemporary appearance. You can choose them depending on your style and preference.

LED Indicator

The LED indicator distinguishes Airpods 2 and Airpods 3. The LED indicator for the AirPods 2 case is situated on the front of the case, in the space between the lid and the hinge.

On the other hand, Apple shifted the LED light of the AirPods 3 beneath the lid right in front of the case. This is one of the notable changes between the Airpods 3 and AirPods 2 charging cases. With this modification, it is now possible to see the AirPods’ charge state more clearly.

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    Both AirPods 2 and AirPods 3 have wireless charging capability, so you can charge your headphones without needing a charger pad to recharge your headphones. This charging access has a bottom-mounted Lightning connector for charging with a Lightning cable. Airpods 2 and Airpods 3 are designed exclusively for one another.

    They aren’t interchangeable since each case is made specifically to match its particular earphones. Make sure you have the right AirPods case.

    Airpods along with iPhone
    The AirPods 3 case features a more rectangular shape and a shorter height.

    Do I need to upgrade Airpods 2 from Airpods 3?

    If you want all the following features, upgrading from AirPods 2 to AirPods 3 is worth it.

    • Comfortable fit:

    AirPods 3 are quite similar to AirPods Pro. They might fit some people better thanks to their shorter stems and compact profile. The enhanced fit may increase stability, quietness, and comfort.

    • Better Sound Quality

    Compared to the AirPods 2, the AirPods 3 have better sound quality. They use Apple’s Adaptive EQ technology, which customizes and immerses you in your listening experience by adjusting the sound output based on your ear shape. Clarity, detail, and bass response can all be noticeably different thanks to increased audio performance.

    • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

    ANC technology is present in Airpods 3 and AirPods Pro. ANC aggressively cancels out outside noise using cutting-edge technology, enabling you to concentrate on your audio uninterrupted. This function may be especially useful while traveling or in loud areas.

    • Transparency Mode

    This function was also carried over from the AirPods Pro. By allowing ambient sound to flow through via external microphones, this mode allows you to hear your surroundings while still enjoying your audio. It is helpful when you must be aware of your surroundings, such as during talks or crossing the street.

    • Better Performance

    The H1 processor in the AirPods 3 offers quicker and more effective performance than the W1 chip in the AirPods 2 model. A smoother overall experience is made possible by the H1 processor. This allows quicker device connection, increased battery life, and decreased latency during audio play.

    AirPods 3 also enables spatial audio, which dynamically tracks the movement of your head and modifies the music to give you the impression that you are listening to surround sound. Immersive audio technology can improve your experience watching films and videos.

    • Enhanced Siri Integration

    The AirPods 3 includes enhanced Siri integration, making voice control easier and smoother. Instead of tapping your headphones, say “Hey, Siri” to enable voice commands.

    FeatureAirPods 3 CaseAirPods 2 Case
    DesignMore rounded shape, smoother edgesSlightly more angular design
    LED IndicatorPositioned below the lid, on the frontPositioned between lid and hinge, on the front
    Wireless ChargingSupportedSupported
    Charging PortThe Lightning port at the bottomThe Lightning port at the bottom
    CompatibilityDesigned for AirPods 3Designed for AirPods 2
    AirPods 3 Case vs. AirPods 2 Case Comparison


    Will the Airpod 3 case fit the Airpod 2?

    The AirPods 2 do not fit in the AirPods 3 case. The AirPods 2 case is made to accommodate the AirPods 2 earbuds, but the AirPods 3 case is specifically designed to hold the AirPods 3 earphones. The two cases are not interchangeable because of tiny size and form changes.

    It’s crucial to use the right case for the corresponding AirPods model for perfect fit and operation.

    What case is compatible with third-generation AirPods?

    The third-generation AirPods come with a unique charging case that fits them. Therefore, the case that comes with third-generation AirPods fits them.

    It cannot be used with cases made for earlier models, such as AirPods 1 or AirPods 2.

    Airpods with a charging case
    AirPods 2 and AirPods 3 have separate charging cases that are not interchangeable.

    Do cases for Gen 2 AirPods work with Gen 3?

    No, AirPods Gen 3 do not fit in AirPods Gen 2 cases. The AirPods Gen 3 are designed differently from the AirPods Gen 2 in terms of appearance. The AirPods Gen 3 case particularly accommodates the AirPods Gen 3 earphones’ form and size.

    Even while there might not be much of a size difference, the changes in design, button location, and sizing could make the cases incompatible with one another. For the most effective fit and functioning, it is advised to use the correct case that is compatible with the corresponding AirPod generation.

    Are Airpods 3 waterproof?

    Apple does not consider AirPods waterproof based on earlier AirPods models. Although older models, such as the AirPods Pro and AirPods (2nd generation), are sweat- and water-resistant.

    Although sweat resistance does not mean they were not intended to be completely submerged in water, they can resist workout sweat and some rainwater splashes. Therefore, using them with care and avoiding damage is better.

    Here is a video of AirPods 3 Case vs. AirPods 2 case comparison:

    Check out this video


    In conclusion,

    • Although the AirPods 3 case and the AirPods 2 case initially have similar appearances, they differ significantly. The AirPods 3 case has rounded corners and clean edges.
    • The LED indicator has been moved for better visibility, and both cases are compatible with wireless charging. Ensure you have the appropriate case for your AirPod model to guarantee compatibility and performance.
    • All in all, using a proper case for each model is recommended, as the AirPods 3 case is incompatible with AirPods 2.

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