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Aeotec 700 series Z-Wave Gen 7, Z-Wave Plus Version 2 (Find Out)

Aeotec 700 series Z-Wave Gen 7, Z-Wave Plus Version 2 (Find Out)

Aeotec announced the launch of 700 Z-Wave Series (Gen7) products. It looks like it’s the first company to create products that supersede the Z-Wave Plus platform – the new Z-Wave Plus Version 2, defined by the Z-Wave Alliance.

The 700 Z-Wave Series boasts some superior performance standards compared to the 500 Z-Wave and 300 Z-Wave series of products. The new products will use 64% less power, improve wireless range, and have mandatory security layers.

Aeotec says that the Range Extender 7 and Door Sensor 7 will be the first products to hit the market. They are upgrades of Aeotec’s Z-Wave repeater and in-door automation sensor.

Aeotec has been providing Z-Wave products for over a decade. They have developed popular devices such as the Aeotec MultiSensor 6.

Aeotec showed off its new range of devices at the CEDIA Expo in Denver on September 10, 2019.

Let’s find out more about these new products!

What is Z-Wave Plus technology?

The Z-Wave Plus is a new certification introducing the “Next Gen” Z Wave hardware platform or the 500 Series, 5th Generation, Z-Wave for Gen5, or just plain Gen5.

It features a selected set of capabilities that enhance the Z-Wave user experience and makes Z-Wave systems faster and easier to install and set up.

The Z-Wave Plus has modified the features of the original Z-Wave using its latest advancement. For instance, the Next-Gen has a better range and an extended battery life over the air (OTA) upgrade, additional RF channels, and more.

In short, the Z-Wave Plus is an enhanced version of the original Z-Wave with an easier installation and setup process that gives your device a richer profile and long battery life.

Let’s compare Z-Wave and Zigbee. Watch the video!

Which side are you on? Zigbee or Z-Wave?

How can I boost my Z-Wave signal?

If you’re having trouble with the Z-Wave signal, here are some tips that can help boost it:

  • Place your Z-Wave hub in a central location to enhance network coverage.
  • Use the plugged-in Z-Wave devices in your network.
  • Utilize Z-Wave Plus devices.
  • Remove signal barriers such as tight spaces.
  • Try Z-Wave extenders.

If you’re using the Lutron Caseta to manage your smart devices at home, it’s worth checking out this article to see if it’s compatible with Z-Wave.

Pros & Cons of Z-Wave

low interferencesnot compatible with streaming large data
easier implementationlimited nodes
excellent network coverageonly support tree topology structure
mesh networkingcostly
interoperabilitysecurity issues
efficientclosed system
Z-Wave: Pros and Cons

Summing It All Up

As stated on their website, Aeotec is indeed the leading maker of quality Smart Home solutions. The launch of its Z-Wave products is big news for us automaters. It’s definitely going to make someone’s smart home automation system more sophisticated and highly intuitive.

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