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Aeotec 700 series Z-Wave Gen 7, Z-Wave Plus Version 2

Aeotec announced its 700 Z-Wave Series (Gen7) products. It looks like Aeotec is the first company to create products that supersede the Z-Wave Plus platform – the new Z-Wave Plus Version 2, defined by the Z-Wave Alliance.

The 700 Z-Wave Series boasts some superior performance standards compared to the 500 Z-Wave and 300 Z-Wave series of products. The new products will use 64% less power, improve wireless range, and have mandatory security layers.

Aeotec says that the Range Extender 7 and Door Sensor 7 will be the first products to hit the market. They are upgrades of the Aeotec’s Z-Wave repeater and in-door automation sensor.

Aeotec has been providing Z-Wave products for over a decade. They have developed popular devices such as the Aeotec MultiSensor 6.

Aeotec showed off its new range of devices at the CEDIA Expo in Denver on September 10, 2019.

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