abode Now Works With Sonos

Palo Alto, CA – January 30, 2020 – News Release

Smart, secure, fun: abode now works with Sonos

Users can now connect their abode and Sonos accounts to trigger favorite playlists, making any home action something worth celebrating

Ever thought about getting your smart home security patched into your smart home speakers!? Well, abode has partnered with Sonos to bring you full integration into Sonos Home Sound System.

Use your own Audio clips in abode when Security is Triggered via motion, geofencing, or sunrise/sunset.

abode users can now use their own (bought) audio clips to play sounds when you trigger the abode security system by motion, alarm, phone location (geofencing), schedule, sunrise and system modes. These scenes can be programmed using the CUE app provided by abode.

Ready for In-Home Entertainment – like the SuperBowl

Excited for the SuperBowl, or the next big Entertainment night at your place? Well, now can play an audio clip of dogs barking on the living room speaker when an alarm is triggered. You can also use the geofencing capabilities through CUE to play your favorite playlist as you approach the home, notifying those within the house that you are on the way.

Can you imagine playing ‘Crazy’ by Beyonce every time you walk in?

abode Integration with Sonos

The abode CUE app will automatically recognize and enable Sonos speakers in the system, so you don’t need to search and re-activate each Sonos speaker.

“Sonos has been a leader in bringing multiroom audio mainstream and we’re excited to be able to offer abode customers a deeper integration of security and entertainment,” said Chris Carney, abode CEO & founder. “Our integration with Sonos grants abode users access to an all-new way to personalize their home while maintaining the safety and security they desire and expect.”

Excerpt from abode: “With Sonos and abode connected, customers can access any of their Sonos personal playlists or audio tracks and any other favorited tracks from other applications such as Spotify or Pandora right from their abode app. The abode + Sonos integration is available now and creative new abode automations leveraging the integration can be created directly through abode CUE.”

For more information on abode and Sonos, visit www.goabode.com/smart-home/sonos or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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