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A Device On Your WiFi Is Casting Chromecast Notification (How To Prevent It)

A Device On Your WiFi Is Casting Chromecast Notification (How To Prevent It)

People who enjoy streaming content to HDTV tend to favor Chromecast the most. The bulk of apps can use it. Similar to this, other notifications have been annoying people. 

It can be very annoying when “a device on your WiFi is casting.” Furthermore, this warning keeps appearing several times every day. Most individuals are unaware of this notification, but we have the information to enlighten you! 

Read on to learn how to deal with it if you’ve just learned that a device connected to your WiFi is casting. 

What does the notification “A Device on Your WiFi is Casting” mean? 

A youtube tutorial on how to prevent the Chromecast notification

There’s a need to optimize the operations of all the connected Chromecast devices because many modern houses have many Chromecasts connected over the same WiFi. 

Therefore, the Home app is pushing this notification to help users who want to connect all of their Chromecast devices to their homes. This makes the procedure easier and more seamless. 

All users of the Home app have access to and control over what is being played, thanks to the casting notification. It has aided many parents in maintaining tabs on their children’s activities. 

However, despite these few advantages, the notification is still unpleasant. 

Chromecast device
Chromecast device

What is the purpose of this notification? 

Over the past ten years, Google’s Chromecast product line has expanded significantly, with new hardware and apps appearing practically monthly. As a result, many houses now have multiple Chromecast installations. 

There was a wonderful chance to “integrate” all of the related gadgets under one roof in order to improve the user experience. 

Google attempted to unify casting control across all of its Chromecast devices by introducing the cast notification feature since, in any case, that is what they believed. 

Any and all Chromecast broadcasts running over your WiFi network can now be controlled by your phone. 

Why Is the Casting Notification Annoying and Unwanted? 

Unfortunately, there are more negative features of this Google casting notification than positive ones. The case for deleting or completely turning off the message is supported by a number of factors. 

If you live in a large family with numerous TVs in the home, the problem multiplies many times. You’ll get a unique notification for each Chromecast connection on your phone. 

Therefore, if you have five Chromecast connections, you will get a set of five messages with information on each one. 

The notification screen of any cellphone user can literally be overrun by this monster, leaving little to no room for other crucial notifications. 

Google Chromecast Box
Google Chromecast Box

Why do I need to disable this notification? 

This notification’s drawbacks outweigh its merits. If you have a large family and numerous Chromecasts linked to the WiFi, this issue can multiply many-fold. 

You’ll receive a different notification for each Chromecast that’s streaming media. 

As a result, if your home has five Chromecasts, your phone will always receive five notifications. 

The worst thing is stopping the stream after deleting the notification. Additionally, the accidental interruption of the streams is a serious disadvantage of these notifications. 

Finally, it seriously jeopardizes the family member’s right to privacy when casting media. 

The most effective way to deactivate several Chromecast devices at once in a home 

It’s also not too difficult to change the settings on several Chromecast devices at once. 

It entails blocking notifications on specific Chromecast devices that irritate you the most. To do the task for you, just adhere to these 5 easy procedures: 

Step 1  You only need to open the Google Home app on your phone or tablet for the first step.
Step 2  You only need to select the desired device in order to go to the following step.
Step 3  Click the settings button in the top-right corner of the screen to continue.
Step 4 This step involves descending the options menu to the “Let Others Control Your Cast Media” section.
Step 5 The method’s last step is toggling the “Let Others Control Your Cast Media” option off.
Steps to follow

Step 1  

The first step merely requires you to launch the Google Home app on your phone or tablet. 

Anyone who is familiar with using digital devices can launch the Google Home App. Thus, this step is simple. Asking Google Assistant to open it for you is an option. 

Step 2  

As soon as you launch the Home App, you’ll see all of the active Chromecasts in your home. The second stage entails choosing the gadgets that cause you the most notification annoyance. To move on to the next phase, you merely need to choose the desired device. 

Step 3  

After choosing the device in the previous step, proceed by clicking the settings icon in the top-right corner of the screen. 

Step 4 

This step is navigating down to the “Let Others Control Your Cast Media” section of the settings menu. You should choose this option if you want things done for you. 

Step 5  

Toggling off the “Let Others Control Your Cast Media” options is the method’s final step. 

The Chromecast device you choose will automatically stop receiving casting notifications when you use this. By using the same steps, you may disable this toggle setting on any Chromecast device you have in your home. 

The Chromecast Notifications on Specific Android Devices Can Be Disabled 

A Wifi Router
A WiFi Router

Turning off Chromecast notifications is the second option. You can accomplish it by turning off the notice on particular Android devices that are receiving it.

Most of the time, it’s a seamless process, but each Android device that’s linked to the WiFi connection needs to have its notification turned off. Once you are familiar with all Android devices, proceed as directed in the section below: 

  • You must first access settings and navigate to the personal section. 
  • Select Google from the personal menu, then select the Cast Media Controls button. 
  • To disable it, switch off the “media controls for cast devices” now. 

There’s a probability that someone is eavesdropping on your WiFi connection if you’re still getting the message. In that situation, you must update the WiFi password and guarantee the security of the WiFi connection. Therefore, you must safeguard the WiFi connection. Change the network password overall. 

I don’t have a Chromecast, yet the notification appears anyway? 

It’s extremely concerning if you’re receiving the “A Device on Your WiFi Is Casting” message but don’t own a Chromecast. 

This alert is evidence that someone is using your WiFi without permission and has attached a Chromecast device to it. 

Changing your WiFi password and logging out of all linked devices are the best ways to handle this. 


Does Chromecast work without WiFi? 

Can I use Chromecast without the Internet? Through the guest mode setting or a connected internet connection, Chromecast can be used without WiFi. 

Can Chromecast be used without a smart TV? 

A smart TV isn’t necessary for using a Chromecast. The only requirement for your Chromecast to function is a working audio-video output port. They can be used with other ports if you have the right converters, even though they were made to plug into the HDMI port on your TV. 

What advantages does Chromecast offer? 

The built-in Chromecast uses the cloud to stream content to your TV, giving you access to HD video and Ultra High Definition video with select devices and apps. While streaming, you can send texts and take calls without interfering with the TV program or using up all of your phone’s battery life. 


  • Chromecast is typically preferred by those who like streaming HDTV material. It’s usable by the majority of apps. People have complained about other notifications that are similar to this one. 
  • The majority of customers now prefer Chromecast when streaming content to their HDTV. This is because the majority of apps can use it without any trouble. However, the annoying part is that you’ll still get notifications all the time. 
  • Because many contemporary homes have numerous Chromecasts linked over the same WiFi, it was necessary to optimize the performance of all the connected devices. This alert is therefore being pushed by the Home app to assist users who want to connect all of their Chromecast devices to their houses. 
  • Google’s Chromecast product line has grown substantially over the past 10 years, with new hardware and applications seemingly every month. v
  • This monster can practically take over the notification screen of any smartphone user, leaving little to no room for other important information. 

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