It’s not easy to find a good motion sensor that works with Samsung SmartThings today. In fact, with Samsung pulling their V3 Samsung SmartThings products off the market today, it becomes really hard to choose.

That’s why we put together a (nearly) 30 minute comparison video and this spreadsheet for you to make it easy.

Here’s the video:

And here’s the spreadsheet:

Hopefully this helps you choose between all of these great sensors, and hopefully we can add more great SmartThings Motion Sensors as we go. For now, this is what we have and how it works with Samsung’s great SmartThings Hubs.

Want to buy them. Links are below:

Need Some help setting up a few of these?

Setting up Philips Hue Motion Sensor in SmartThings –

Setting up Aqara Motion Sensor in SmartThings –