I hope you’re having a good day today. It’s the beginning of the year. Beginning of a new decade. How exciting is that!? 2020 is a year of significance. People start thinking of the future.

If you’re starting to think about what the world will look like; what your city will look like, what your community will look like, how you are going to live in the next year, 5 years… you might come across thinking about the future. Businesses, especially home automation businesses are thinking about the future. But predicting the future? How do you predict the future?

The answer is: You don’t predict the future. You don’t go through a process of predicting the future to find out what is going to happen. You can actually plan for it. You can actually start building it. You can start dreaming about how and what you would like to build – and then get started. I really enjoy dreaming about making things happen. How to make things work for people. How to make things relevant. How to get from Point A to B and all the things in between. To meet the need. I have tons of ideas that I would love to bring to the table. I will need your help though to get those ideas off of paper and into the world. I would actually love to help you get some ideas on paper and then into your communities.

Ok, if you’ve got past the first set of paragraphs; thank you for hanging on. This article is probably not going to make Google’s Index :). I haven’t even talked about my 2020 Smart Home [Plan/Ideas/Innovation] Predictions yet.

You should listen to Brian talk about what he see’s in 2020 (What Will Change Your Smart Home in 2020) here:

I think Brian has given us some pretty good concepts of where the 2020 Smart Home is going. Brian was pretty spot on in 2019:

  • Focus on how we consume entertainment.
  • New Device Types – no longer just sensors, lights, and switches
  • High Functioning Sensors (Ultrasonic, Radar)
  • Edge Computing – awww snap! Bring in the real Tri-corder.
  • More interactive content through smart devices and different controls.
  • Local Processing Power of devices (Smart Cams)
  • Automation Space Market Presence – More Competition.

2020 Smart Home [Plans/Ideas/Innovation] Predictions

Here are some things that I’m dreaming of with regards to the Smart Home in 2020 and beyond.

We start big, then go small

Thinking about how businesses go about bringing technology into the world. Usually, it starts bulky, big – like my parent’s 1983 Caprice Classic Station Wagon. It was the supreme traveling vehicle. 9 seats. 6 seats can fold down flat. Cruise Control. Eco-Drive Meter (yes it existed then). Cassette player – no more 8-track. Large, big, bulky. At the time it was the gold-plated standard in travel. Oh ya it was. Here’s another example. Beta-to-VHS-to-CD-Napster and WinAmp-to-DVD-BlueRay-Chromecast/FireStick. Yup Large to small. iPod to iPod nano. Desktop to Tablet to Phone. You get the idea. This is what I’m thinking about in 2020 with regard to a smart home. Small little devices that have just as much functionality and punch as our ’83 Caprice Classic Station Wagon and 1,000,000 5-1/4″ Floppy Disks in the palm of your hand. What do we do with these small miniature devices – We integrate and innovate. We are moving from ‘micro’ to ‘nano’ devices. Maybe we’ve always known that certain technology roll-outs are actually planned years ahead. We need to make sure the technology meets the need rather than cause more societal issues. We need to plan ahead. Good Businesses plan ahead.

Step Change: Knowledge of Smart Home Automation

It has arrived. The Smart Home is now part of 18 to 27% of homes that have high-speed internet (or so I read somewhere in my Google Discovery feed the other day). This means that more people are using Smart Home Automation in their homes. Kids are saying ‘Ok, Google’ or ‘Alexa’ or ‘Siri’ more than maybe Googling something. What’s that!? Moving away from Google? Or does Google the go-to to get all these devices the information they need? I think this where you’ll see Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Baidu, Alibaba, Microsoft… get going in 2020.

I’m not even at my point; My point is that I think we’re actually working more with our smart home devices rather than leaving them on the shelf collecting dust. They will actually have a function in the home, and they are actually changing the way we live our lives and run our homes and business. Welcome to 2020. We’ve just arrived to another stage in our knowledge.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Home Automation

I have become more accustomed to looking up videos on YouTube. (Thank you Automate Your Life!) to figure out how to do things. Whether its appliance repair or connecting something that has no hope in the world to be smart. We now have more solutions and answers to meet the needs of our homes and businesses. You can do it yourself more often. The technology and devices are becoming more user-friendly and easier to install. 2020 I think will start a small percentage of people to help others automate their homes. More small home projects (like my Garage Automation Experiment – which is still fun and exciting) in 2020.


It is 2020. We have to know what Robots are, right? Half-Life (Dog), Spot (Boston Dynamics), The robot from Toyota (must be like 20 years old now, cameos on Kimmy Schmidt). Roomba – robotic vacuum cleaners like we saw in Deus Ex 20 years ago (PC game). BB8 droid to repair the leaking roof.

Ok those are some examples of the out-there robots. But we need to accept that ‘autonomous’ is also a ‘robot’. Can you think of any other Autonomous Devices? Tesla?

My point and dream here are that Robots are not invasive but serve a need. We have tons of machines out there in the industry that are making our lives safer. However, we need to make sure that robots will actually help meet a need in the Smart Home. I can think of some immediate needs – Smart Home Security, Home Repair, Personal Assistant (drone or vehicle), Personal Beacons (so many ways to go with this).

How we Control the Smart Home

I think we’ve reached Voice Control. It’s becoming more like Voice is somehow how we should control. I think we’re going to get passed this and use voice with a combination of human senses like touch, or even presence. Remember Ambient Computing? Or Just AI. Or Augmented Reality. How does one control Virtual in a Smart Home. With your hands. A tactile function. I think we should get ready for personal joysticks for accessibility for anyone. So, I’m dreaming and planning to control my home with my X-Box Controller and VR helmet (I don’t have a VR helmet yet). Or my car with more Joystick controls or more Augmented Reality in the Heads-Up-Display.


I think Vehicles will become more like Hubs for Automation rather than just vehicles to get people from point A to point B. This might not be a 2020 thing, but maybe something in the decade. Can you imagine driving in your car and actually controlling something outside your vehicle or using your Vehicle as a mobile Zigbee or Z-Wave Hub (not a hotspot really, but a Hub)? Vehicle to Vehicle communication for safety? Automated Fueling!? There is a generalization that the Automotive Industry takes quite a while to move. Well, we can start modifying our cars now.

2020 – Exciting Time For Automation

I get really excited when I get time to dream about our future. I hope that some of these things made sense. I hope that you are encouraged to dream and innovate and create. Automate Your Life would love to stand beside you and help develop and innovate. We have not even reached the surface here at Automate Your Life. There are so many ways to innovate.

Please feel free to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or our Community Forum (Look for AYL_Alan). Let’s share ideas of how we can build what we need. I’m having fun sharing ideas to meet the need.