Merry Christmas Automaters. Automate Your Life has been checking its list; checking it twice. Looking for gifts for your Extended Family and Friends can be fun and exciting, especially if there are a ton of smart home gifts that can help keep your Extended Family and Friends connected. We’ll take a look at some of the devices that can help Grandpa, Grandma, Uncles, Aunties, Cousins and Friends alike in their home. We’ll just get straight to the list to save you time. Please note that the links help make Automate Your Life money. We appreciate your support and hope that you find something that meets the need of your Extended Family and Friends.

2019 Smart Home Gifts Ideas for Grandma and Grandpa

Google Nest Hub
Google Nest Hub Max
Echo Show 5
Echo Show 8
Echo Show 2nd Gen (10″)
Lenovo Smart Display
Apple Watch Series 5

2019 Smart Home Gift Ideas for Brothers, Sisters, other Family Members with ‘Style’

Ikea Symfonisk
Ikea Bookshelf Speaker

2019 Smart Home Gift Ideas For Friends and Extended Families

Wyze Cam V2
SwitchBot Hub Mini or Hub Plus
SwitchBot Buttons
Echo Dot 3rd Gen
Google Nest Mini
Fire TV Sticks:

SmartThings Hub and Sensors:

Sensative Strips:

Sensative Drips: (US)

Sensative Comfort:

2019 Smart Home Gifts Ideas For Your Extended Family and Friends

I think there are some gifts that cover everyone. I think it would also be awesome if you were to help get these devices setup for your friends and family. It would help you stay ‘connected’ in some way. They’ll keep calling you for the support! :).

Zeus Biometric Smart Home Camera, Hermes Biometric Autotracking Portable Camera

If you’re thinking about getting a really good Smart Camera, maybe consider getting them a Zeus or Hermes from Amaryllo.

You can get the Hermes for 50% off at Amaryllo with Coupon Code ‘HERMES50‘. It’s a really neat, small, smart camera, that can even plug into your Laptop USB! Take it with you when you travel. You can get it here:

The Zeus is a state-of-the-art Biometric Security camera that inserts into a normal light (E26/E27) sockets in your home. You can get the Zeus here and us ‘50OFF‘ coupon code to get $50 off

Sansi LED Bulbs

I really like the series of LED Bulbs (Smart and Non-Smart) that Sansi has developed. I have used the 27W Dimmable LED bulb in my home. I’m really looking forward to using more Sansi LED Bulbs (smart or non-dimmable) at my house (My Garage Automation Experiment). You can read about it here: The power and brightness of these bulbs are quite exemplary. You should consider getting a set to replace a room in your home. You can purchase these from our Amazon Affiliate link here:

Flic Smart Button

I think the Flic is one of those Smart Devices that can actually make a significant impact in someone’s Smart Home. It’s not just about automating devices in your home. You can press a button to send someone an email or text message (like your kids telling you that you arrived home), to any other fun routine with lights, music, or find your phone. The Flic Smart Button could be a really smart gift idea for the Extended Family or Friend. You can check out the Flic Smart Button here:

2019 Smart Home Gifts Ideas For Your Extended Family and Friends

Remember, It’s the thought that counts. Thinking about a way to give something that helps you stay connected – well that’s the awesomeness of automation right now. You can give a smart display, and you’ll stay connected by just saying a few action words. You could also provide devices that will entertain or sensors that will keep your extended family and friends’ places safe. In any case, our intent to help your family and friends make their lives easier with smart home devices. I hope that you find something that meets their needs. If you need ideas for the family, you can also look here: The Best Smart Home Gift Ideas for Your Family.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas and Don’t Hate, Automate.

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