Yonomi – Home Automation App on iPhone and Android – Setup and Uses

via IFTTT Yonomi – Home Automation App on iPhone and Android – Setup and Uses

Yonomi is a home automation application on iOS or on Android that you can use to control your smart home products. Everything from Harmony Hub, to Philips Hue, to Google Home and Amazon Alexa (Echo) is available, and there’s even the capability to connect your Sonos speakers.

Yonomi allows you to connect these devices as “Things”. Those things can be turned on and off directly on the app, and certain items can be favorited. From there, you use Things (and even your phone) to create routines. The routines have a number of components, including the event that triggers them, actions that are taken, and conditions that are required before the routine executes.

With this application, I love the fact that any number of things can be turned on or off within each routine. I also love the condition based execution and the fact that you can have a routine without an event that causes it to trigger. That means that you can cause routines to execute through a button or a third-party (as in, Google Home or Amazon Echo) hub.

All in all, this is a great app and I think it’s one of my new favorites. I will continue to explore this application and its capabilities, especially when it relates to the Sonos Speaker integration.

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