Yonomi and Google Home Connected and Working

via IFTTT Yonomi and Google Home Connected and Working

In a previous video, we showed you Yonomi. In this video, we show you how to connect Yonomi with Google Home (and your Google Home Mini).

Yonomi is a home automation application for your smart home that helps you connect all kinds of devices together. Google Home is of course the hub that uses the Google Assistant and provides you the capability to speak all kinds of commands. When combined, the two have a very interesting capability to drive all kinds of smart home and home automation routines.

As you create routines in Yonomi, they can show up on the Google Home app. You can even create routines in Yonomi that have no trigger event (the thing that causes them to execute) because you’re going to use Google Home or Google Home Mini to trigger them.

There is also some great functionality between Yonomi and Google Home, where some of your routine names are combined and can be executed in a more natural way. For example, if you have routines named “Everything Off” and “Everything On”, you can tell Google Home to “Turn off Everything” or “Turn on Everything” instead of using the routine names. This will save you from having to remember every routine you’ve made.

All in all, I love the integration between these two smart home products and I will definitely be using these two together as I integrate my Sonos speaker.

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