Automate Your Life has a specific set of opportunities and partnerships that we’re looking for.  If you fit the bill, please reach out to us as we’re actively searching out companies like these:

  1. Smart Home Products – Obviously, our market is the smart home and life automation.  If you have a smart home product that you think is great, we want to hear from you.
  2. Audio Equipment – If there’s one thing every smart home person wants, it’s better sounding equipment.  Not only can we showcase your great speaker or product, but we do it next to some of the top smart home products in the world.
  3. T-Shirts – Wow do we like to wear T-Shirts on camera!  It’s kind of our thing, but we want to change things up.  Send us some shirts and we’ll send you some fans.
  4. Audio/Visual – We have some pretty fantastic equipment, but we’re always looking for a partner to help us with our gear.  If you have the right stuff and are looking for someone who can promote your equipment, great!

Even if you’re not one of those…we’d love to hear from you.  We’d love to hear your partnership idea.  Email us here.