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Want to work with Automate Your Life?  We have a number of ways that you can work with us, including everything from paid promotion to brand deals and everything in between.  We also have a specific set of opportunities that we’re looking for here.

The Automate Your Life market is best described in graphs.  Here’s the available market we offer access to:

With over 75% of our viewership coming from G8 countries, you’re guaranteed to hit high-income markets. Our growing India segment also means that you have access to up and coming markets.
We provide access to a strong contingent of viewership within the highest earning and disposable income brackets of 25-54 years. Almost 70% of our viewership fits in that bracket.
If you looked at this graph just 6 months ago, it would tell you a different story. Our viewership is male dominated, but we now see the inclusion of a higher and higher percentage of females every week. December 2018 ran with almost 15% female viewership.

With a combined audience of over 27 000 rabid followers and subscribers, we’ve grown quickly and have found ourselves an influencer in smart home and home automation technology.  Our customers love the Google Home, Google Assistant, Amazon Echo series, and Amazon Alexa offerings, Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, and many other automation technologies. We have worked with brands such as Lenovo, Flic, Meross, BenQ, and many others and have enjoyed successful campaigns and collaborations with them all.

If you’d like to work with us, please reach out at