When Are the New Google I/O 2018 Features Coming to Google Home

via IFTTT When Are the New Google I/O 2018 Features Coming to Google Home

When will Google update the Google Home with the new features and updates from Google I/O 2018? When will continuous conversations be there? When can we use Google Duplex? How soon will all of the new languages be available on Google Assistant? When will the new updates be on our Google Home device?

I can’t give you an exact date, and I can’t give you a perfect answer to any of those questions. However, I can tell you that a member of Google’s organization has been kind enough to tell me to expect a similar pattern to Google’s last year. See, the updates last year at Google I/O 2017 came out in Q3 to early Q4 of 2017. This individual is telling me that we can expect Google to do the same this year. It was fantastic for this Google employee to give me a bit of an inside look into how Google works and hopefully this will answer when Google will release their new features and new updates in 2018.

If you’re in any country outside of the US, you’re probably wondering when you’ll get features like the Music Alarms, Google Home Routines, and many other features. Unfortunately, there isn’t much good news coming from Google here. However, I show you in this video how to join the Preview Program, which will get you access to early features. Not all of them…but some.

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