What Smart Home Hubs are Sengled Element Bulbs Compatible With?

via IFTTT What Smart Home Hubs are Sengled Element Bulbs Compatible With?

It’s a pretty common question. Do I need a Sengled Element Hub, or can I use another hub with Sengled Element smart LED bulbs? The short answer is you can use a number of other smart home hubs within your home automation system to control your Sengled Element Smart Bulbs.

The big key is something called Zigbee. Zigbee is a protocol for smart home systems that is part of the Sengled Element Bulb. That means any Zigbee capable hub is likely to connect and work with the Sengled bulbs.

Now, there are some exceptions, but let’s get to the list of Hubs that are guaranteed to work with your Sengled Element Bulbs:

– Wink 1
– Wink 2
– Samsung SmartThings
– Sengled Element Hub
– Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Generation)

Your mainstream hubs, like the Amazon Echo series and Google Home (mini, and max) will not work without the help of one of the above hubs. Once connected with one of the above hubs, your Echo or Google Home will work.

One of the hubs that should work is Philips Hue. It’s a Zigbee capable hub, but it has additional proprietary connection requirements that stop it from working with the Sengled bulbs.

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