Wemo Insight Switch with Google Home and IFTTT – Setup and Working

via IFTTT Wemo Insight Switch with Google Home and IFTTT – Setup and Working

The Wemo Insight Switch gets setup and connected to my home network. From there, I get the Wemo Insight Switch connected to Google Home and the Google Home application. Finally, I get the Wemo Switch connected to IFTTT (If This Then That) and make sure that it’s ready for all of our future home automation.

The Wemo Insight Switch is a smart home automation power outlet that comes with a power monitor capability. It’s capable of being a monitor for device power usage. It’s also capable of interfacing with Google Home and IFTTT applications as part of the overall capability of this smart device.

WeMo has produced the Insight Switch as a bit of a power monitoring device, with the opportunity to automate.

IFTTT is one of our favorite home automation applications and it’s used to connect to the Wemo Switch as well. Once all of these devices are connected and ready to be used in your home for automation, we leave you with the thought of our next video being about an automated Sump Pump (or any pump, really).

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