Wemo Bridge Quick Start Guide – WeMo Bridge and Apple HomeKit

via IFTTT Wemo Bridge Quick Start Guide – WeMo Bridge and Apple HomeKit

I take the Wemo Bridge and connect it to Apple HomeKit after unboxing and showing you how to connect the Wemo Bridge. If you’re a person with Wemo products in your house (and an iPhone or iPad), then you’ll love the ability to control your Wemo devices through your iOS device. This video is intended as a Wemo Bridge quick start guide when you want to use Wemo and Apple Homekit together.

All in all, Apple Homekit and Wemo work extremely well together and I’d even go so far as to say that the connection to my Wemo devices has become better since connecting it to the homekit application on my iPhone. I seem to be able to get a connection every time I use homekit and I can always turn on and off my Wemo Devices.

In this video, I use the Wemo Insight plug along with Homekit, and I also use a standard Wemo Switch with Apple’s app. I also run through which devices are supported by the Wemo Bridge with Apple Homekit. Finally, I give you the full Wemo bridge instructions you’ll need to get using this!

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