Use Your Google Home With Your Favorite Bluetooth Speaker in 2019

Use Your Google Home With Your Favorite Bluetooth Speaker in 2019

Pairing your Google Home, Google Home Hub, Google Home Mini, Max, or a Google Assistant-enabled device should be easy! With our latest tutorial video, it is. You can pair your Google Home device with your favorite Bluetooth speaker and even include it in multi-room audio sets of speakers.

One of the biggest issues right now is simply finding out how to pair your Google Home Hub or Google Home Mini with a Bluetooth speaker. Once you find that in your device settings, you’ll be able to pair easily. Once that’s happened, you can leave your Bluetooth speaker as the default speaker and therefore have it always play music and media on that Bluetooth speaker.

What’s more is when you include that Google Home device in a multi-room speaker group, then media will also play on your Bluetooth speaker.

The problem with that is the introduction of a delay. Your #GoogleHome doesn’t introduce that much delay, but your Bluetooth speaker could if it’s older and doesn’t process the signal very quickly. What you’ll need to do there is play with some of the synchronization settings inside your other speakers.

In the end, this video should help you get to a spot where you can use your favorite #Bluetooth #speaker!

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