The Tropo Miniature Air Pump

We're trying a new format here on the site with these short device reviews.  First up, Tropo and their miniature air pump.  Let us know what you think!


Product Basics

The Tropo Miniature Air Pump is exactly what it sounds like.  It's an extremely small (fits in your hand) air pump that's definitely portable and remarkably powerful for its size.

Tropo has an air intake on the bottom of the device and it pushes air out the side.  It runs on 4 AA batteries that (as far as I can tell) will run for a lifetime.

Where the air comes out allows you to connect the accessories that allow you to push air into different things you own.


You get a number of connection accessories and a little carrying bag to put them all in.  You can see all the accessories in the picture to the right.

Basically, if you want to try and fill it with your Tropo, you can.  Maybe not a tire though, as it's max pressure is 30 PSI.

Every nozzle, ever.

Power When Filling

When I used the Tropo to fill up one of the air mattresses we have in our home, it wasn't the absolute fastest process.  It's flow is rated at 300 L/Min, and I'd say it ran at that.  That's a good pace, especially for a really portable device, but we're not talking about a high powered, plug-in air compressor or air-pump here.

However, the Tropo filled up a medium sized air mattress in under 3 minutes and one of the nice things about it is for most of the process, I could leave the Tropo sitting against a small item to prop it up.  I didn't even have to hold it.

Blowing Off Surfaces

This might be my favorite thing about Tropo.  You literally flip the switch and it dusts off any surface.  My work bench will never have dust on it again, and I won't have to think about turning on my big air compressor.

I can't state this enough.  That sells me on its own.


Different Uses Than I Expected

There are a few uses I didn't expect out of Tropo, and it's due to how it was designed.  You could use the vacuum bag to actually pull air out of the bag.  Essentially this is done in reverse, with the air suction port on the bottom being attached to their vacuum bag (sold by Tropo).

There's also some uses around things like BBQ's.  You could use it to light a BBQ with the extra air.  This would be the same with an outdoor fire pit as well.  There are some really interesting uses for this little air pump.


  • Small, lightweight, and the carrying bag helps to make it even more portable
  • Powerful for its size, good use of standard AA batteries
  • Good nozzle accessories and smart accessories on the IndieGoGo page for sale
  • The ability to blow off surfaces or light BBQs in seconds
  • Well priced


  • Not sure what to do with the micro USB cable included, but I think I'm just missing something
  • Some concern about how long the nozzles will attach for.  Feels like I could bend either the device or the nozzle plastic.  Not an immediate concern, just over time a possibility

Where Can You Get Tropo?

Right now, Tropo is in the middle of its funding campaign through IndieGoGo.  Here's the URL:

This one is worth it.  They're going to retail around $19 USD, but they also have options for you to get vacuum bags and other accessories now, as well as multiples for under that price.  There are 4 colors as well (green, red, grey, light blue).