Etekcity WiFi Smart Plugs Review

I have both the Etekcity Voltson Smart WiFi Outlets (10A and 15A) version in my home, and I've now had them for about a month. After having tested them for that time frame and having started to include them in my smart home routines with my Google Home, I can give you a break down.

10A Version Shown

Product Basics

The 10A version of the Etekcity Mini WiFi Smart Plug is an incredibly small form-factor device.  It connects through 2.4 GHz WiFi, has an on/off button, tracks power usage, and has an on board protective relay.  All this for around $12 USD.

The 15A version of the Etekcity WiFi Smart Plug is still relatively small and you can fit (also) fit two of them on a standard plug.  It contains all the same features as the 10A, but also has a nightlight on it and that higher amperage rating.


Both devices have a sensor for daylight so you can sync to light, and both utilize the VeSync application on iOS or Android

What I Like

The VeSync application is very good, with its ability to schedule, set timers, set some automation, monitor power, and even trip the outlets when they're over a certain power or a fault is detected.

Both devices have stayed connected to WiFi over the course of the month and I've never had them become unresponsive.  You can't say that about every WiFi automation device.

The small form factors of these both allow two to be placed on a standard outlet in your home.  Ever tried to place a WeMo on a plug?  Yeah....

The pricing is good.  Really good.

The connection with Google Home and Amazon Alexa is very good, with the 15A outlet acting like two devices (a light, and a plug).

15A Version Shown

What I Didn't Like

The 10A device immediately connected to my WiFi without a problem.  Strangely enough, I struggled to get the 15A connected initially.  I had to bring it near my router/wireless access point in order to get it connected.  After that though, like I said, it's been a steady, strong connection.

Other than that, it's hard not to like these.  I'm also told by Etekcity that their newest setup process is greatly improved.


Right now the Mini Version (Classic Version, 10A) is 11.49 USD on and the Compact Design Version (15A) is $15.18 USD on  We of course have coupon codes for you.


Is It Automate Your Life Approved?

I have to admit that I didn't see a big reason for getting these.  It's another WiFi Smart Outlet on the market.  We've seen tons of them, and really, what could Etekcity be providing that these others weren't?

Well, I also have to admit that I was proven wrong and that these are very good.  A stable WiFi connection, great power monitoring/protection functions, small form factors, and good looking devices all drive me to a yes answer to the age old question of "is it Automate Your Life approved?"

Where Can You Get Them?

Amazon, of course:

Right now the Mini Version (Classic Version, 10A) is 11.49 USD on and the Compact Design Version (15A) is $15.18 USD on  We of course have coupon codes for you!