The New Amazon Echo Plus Review – 2nd Generation Echo Plus

via IFTTT The New Amazon Echo Plus Review – 2nd Generation Echo Plus

It’s time to review the new Amazon Echo Plus 2nd generation device. The Echo Plus 2018 version is out and ready for you to go and buy, so let’s make sure it’s worth your money.

Our Echo Plus 2nd gen #review is all about the upgrades and changes from the Echo Plus 1st gen, as well as the differences from its main competitor, the Google Home. Overall, the Echo Plus 2 is a great device, but what sets it apart from the 1st generation?

The Amazon Echo Plus 2nd generation (affiliate link – review tells us that the sound quality is significantly improved. I think the new speaker sounds great, and I love the new 2.1 speaker system setup capability. When compared to the Google Home, you just can’t beat the sound quality of the Echo Plus 2.

Not only that, but the new Alexa app that’s used with the new Echo Plus is excellent after its recent upgrade. This new application and the brand new setup process makes this the easiest to use Alexa-enabled device yet.

In terms of that new Alexa, well, there’s really not a new Alexa to speak of. The same Alexa works in the Echo Plus 1st generation, and it’s really the same voice assistant we have known all along.

The look and feel of the new Echo Plus is, simply put, the best-looking device in the class. It has a new cloth finish, with a matte top, and the control buttons look great (and align with the Echo Dot 3rd generation we just reviewed). All in all, the new #Amazon #EchoPlus 2nd generation looks to be the best device in its class.

Finally, we have a number of other upgrades, including the new temperature sensor within the Echo Plus 2, the larger 3.0 inch woofer, and I would suggest that overall the device is better at hearing your commands and questions. All in all, the new Amazon Echo Plus is a $149 USD device that is top notch. If you’d like to purchase one, go ahead here:

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