The Google Home Hub Cooking and Recipes Features In Your Kitchen

The Google Home Hub Cooking, Cookbook, and Recipes Features In Your Kitchen

The Google Home Hub and other Google Assistant Smart Displays are fantastic devices in your kitchen. The new Cookbook feature on the Google Home Hub makes it a replacement for all those old cookbooks in your home, and the recipes capability as a whole is a great feature for your kitchen.

Watch as I walk through the different components of Google Home Hub and the Lenovo Smart Display in your kitchen environment. They’re fantastic products and the cookbook feature just puts them over the top. You’ll need at least R5 in the Lenovo Smart Display to access this though.

Additionally, I walk you through how to use the recipes feature as well as how to use the new shopping list feature.

If you’re on a PC or Mac and you want to access your new “Collections” feature, it’s here: This is my belief for the replacement of lists, FYI.

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