The Google Assistant Application Updates – Google Assistant Features Walkthrough

via IFTTT The Google Assistant Application Updates – Google Assistant Features Walkthrough

The Google Assistant app got an update earlier this month in 2018. There are a host of new features for the Google Assistant on both iOS and Android devices. This tutorial video runs you through all of the latest features added to the Google Assistant in the latest update.

There are a large number of Google Assistant updates, but most of the updates revolve around navigation and the front page of the application. Essentially, the updates for July, 2018 give the Google Assistant a whole new interface that will drive many of you to use this application more. Especially as it relates to personal information, the Google Assistant app has become updated with some of the best design to date. This is true especially when you consider that this app could now become your home screen for a lot of devices, including the upcoming Google Home Smart Display devices.

The Google Assistant app’s front page is especially impressive, with all of the latest about you and your life. Google Assistant instantly greets you when you open the app with a Good morning/afternoon/evening message and the weather for your locale. On top of that, if you normally travel somewhere at this time, you’ll see that map and the time to destination at the top of the updated Google Assistant application.

What’s more, you’ll instantly see your calendar, your reminders, and anything you have planned for the day. You’ll also see quick links to actions like playing music, making phone calls, sending messages, timers, the news, and more. There’s also a section for stocks and more.

The other thing that’s been improved remarkably is the navigation in the Google Assistant app itself. It’s an incredible workflow that’s been designed by Google here, and they’ve done it with so few buttons. I’m very impressed with this (in case you can’t tell). The explore section still helps you find apps, but you can switch back and forth from explore and the frontpage with just one tap each way.

You can still use the Google Assistant quickly with the tap of a button, and you can also get back to your homepage with another tap. All in all, this is an amazing navigation in the latest Google Assistant update for iOS and Android devices.

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