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Wyze recently updated their cameras a new Person Detection feature. This is a significant feature for Wyze. Most cameras in the market that provide this feature are expensive and require you pay a subscription service fee to ensure your videos are stored properly. Wyze cameras give you the opportunity to keep your videos local. Wyze says Person Detection is a work in progress, but it’s an important feature.

What is Person Detection?

Most people would like their cameras to notify them of some action or event. The notifications would come only when the action, object or event is recognized in the video stream. However, whenever a bird, or leaf or flying critter passes through the stream, the system detects the motion or object and notifies you. This creates notification fatigue! We want to ensure that we’re seeing events that are relevant; that include when actual people show up to your door or when someone an event is happening that affects personal safety. Wyze has developed a way to detect aspects of a person’s body, face, eyes, or hands.

Wyze Labs has partnered with Xnor AI to detect ‘salient‘ images on your video capture stream. Salient is a another way of saying relevant, important or prominent. In other words, when actual people show up, then you can get notified about different people (family, friends, repeat visitors) and filter through your events.

How to setup Person Detection

  1. Update the Wyze App: You will need to check your Wyze App version. For Android (Google Play) you will need version 2.4.82 (July 9, 2019). For iOS (Apple Store) users, you will need will need 2.4.65.
  2. Update Firmware: Open the Wyze App. You will need to update the firmware in each camera location.
    1. Usually the app gives you a notification to update the firmware. You can follow the instructions to upgrade the firmware for the specific camera location, or you can choose to ‘Have multiple Cameras to upgrade?‘ This should take up to 5 minutes. If you’re not sure what version you have, you can check by going into the ‘Device Settings’, click ‘Device Info’, then ‘Firmware Upgrade’. Note: You will need the Wyze V2 or Wyze Pan Camera to enable this upgrade (Firmware version for V2; for Pan)
  3. Enable Person Detection: Go back to your home screen. You will see your enable devices. Go to Account Settings (‘Account’) on the bottom right of the screen. Click on Wyze Sense. Then select ‘Person Detection’. Then click ‘Get Started‘. You can then Activate each camera location.
  4. Enable Motion Recording: You will need to go back to your home screen. Select your camera location (entryway, hallway, whatever you named your camera). Go to ‘Device Settings’, then ‘Event Recording’ and select ‘Detect motion’. Go back to ‘Device Settings’.
  5. Enable Notifications: In the ‘Device Settings’ menu, click on Notifcations. Toggle ‘Send Notifications’ and ‘Person’. You’re all set!

Person Detection on Wyze Cameras

So what does this mean?

First: You’ll have the option to recognize certain people in your video recordings. This is significant upgrade to resolve the nuisance of getting recordings of bug activity at night, leaves flying over your lawn, or even dust particles floating through your house.

Secondly, you’ll have the option to filter based on the specific person. If you’re noticing a pattern of a person of interest showing up in front of your house at the middle of the night, or your little one taking something from the fridge or cookie jar, you’ll be able to spot it.

Important notes about Person Detection on Wyze Cam

There are some caveats to note with this new technology.

  • The tech is really new. It’s a development in progress. Wyze Labs and Xnor AI need your recordings to improve their technology. That means you’re videos become Wyze’s videos. Wyze and Xnor AI need these customer recordings to improve their technology.
  • The artificial intelligence supporting the Person Detection feature works better in the daytime rather than in the night with infrared.
  • The Person Detection feature is not activated by a person moving around your screen. It’s looking for motion or listening for sound first. This is important to understand, because, you can’t tell the Wyze Cam to look for a certain person and then notify you. Motion or Sound will need to start the recording.
  • There are going to be some false notifications – You are going to still get some nuisances if the feature is based on motion.
  • There is a minimum height to recognize the aspects (head, body, hands). In order to detect a person, you’ll need to have the screen sized to capture more of a body, rather than just the head or half of a body. So, adjust accordingly. Wyze is working on this too. Stay tuned.

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