Orion Labs Onyx – Smart Walkie Talkie – Unbox, Full Setup, and How to Use

via IFTTT Orion Labs Onyx – Smart Walkie Talkie – Unbox, Full Setup, and How to Use

Onyx by Orion is a relatively new business automation and home automation device. It’s intended as a communication device for teams, but it’s capable of so much more. The Onyx device is something we identified on Automate Your Life a few weeks ago in one of our New Home Automation Products and New Smart Home Features videos found here in our playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6Cb-CIAlGU&t=0s&list=PLFPS7-631cZE-hZegt2v9qeO2S3jaWnCx&index=2

Essentially, the Onyx device is a Bluetooth Walkie Talkie for iPhone or Android phones or tablets. They look like a Star Trek Communicator badge to me, and they’re a ton of fun.

The Onyx devices use your cell phone’s connection to either 3G or LTE in order to create instantaneous communication to other users of the Onyx device. They act as a smart radio, with an incredible amount of capability for controlling your smart home or your smart business.

In this video, I get the pair of Onyx devices I received from Orion Labs (http://orionlabs.io) unboxed and then prepared for setup. From there, I fully set these up on two separate iPhones (you could use an Android device, or even a tablet), and get everything connected and working.

In the end, I show you how to use the Onyx devices and how they can be used to communicate with your team, or even your family.

Now you should stay tuned because I’m going to continue with this series related to the Onyx devices. They’re going to be integrated into my home automation system, as well as into my business.

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