New Smart Home Products and Features For January 29, 2019

New Smart Home Products and Features For January 29, 2019

If you’re looking for the latest news, features, and products as it relates to your smart home and home automation in general, this video breaks down all the latest smart home features in 2019.

Microsoft admits that it can’t beat Amazon and Google in the voice assistant war –

Cortana Gets New Smart Home Features –

Microsoft is separating Cortana from search in Windows 10 –

Overall, Microsoft has done a number of things with Cortana in the last few weeks. Their intention is to create a service and/or an app that is focused on experiences and to really create specific functionality. We’ve seen their recent integration with Alexa and I’ve been told Google Assistant is on the way as well.

Project Alias hacks Amazon Echo and Google Home devices for privacy –

If you haven’t seen Project Alias, it’s exactly what your security-wanting-self has been looking for. It blocks Google Home or your Echo with white noise and allows you to also replace the existing wake words with whatever you’d like.

Arlo security cameras are losing one of their key benefits –

Arlo cameras have always had free cloud-based storage, but that’s starting to erode. Arlo will give users a free trial year, but then you’ll need to pay in the range of $60 / year per camera. There’s also an option for your own on-device storage with a micro-SD card and the ability to use your own Dropbox or servers.

Ikea’s next big play for smart homes is here –

Are you ready for a Sonos plus Ikea integration? Symfonisk is the newest speaker system from Ikea and Sonos that’s intended to put their speakers in your furniture. With some of Ikea’s statements about the products, I’m expecting some deep smart home integration as well.

The Philips Hue lineup expands with three new outdoor fixtures and an outdoor sensor –

There were 3 new outdoor light fixtures from Philips announced at CES 2019, but there’s also an outdoor sensor that will work nicely as an outdoor security monitor.

Abode will add HomeKit to its new smart home hub –

I like Abode because of their options in terms of sensors and in terms of their cellular backup option. They will have a brand new hub this year and will be getting HomeKit integrated.

Petcube upgrades its pet cameras, which now have Alexa built in –

Two new Petcube products with speakers, Alexa, and still the ability to feed Rover a treat!

Nest Camera Hacker Delivers False Bomb Warnings –

Nest Cameras have been hacked a number of times and Nest hasn’t told anyone. The problem is, it’s a third-party hack that’s the concern and/or people’s information is online and unchanged from previous hacks. Change your passwords people, and your cameras won’t tell you of impending doom.

Apple Patents Controversial iPhone Camera Change –

Your camera on your iPhone might just decide when you’re taking a picture. Apple better be careful with this implementation, or it could really anger a lot of people.

Amazon pulls its Echo Wall Clock due to connectivity issues –

Connectivity issues have slowed down the release of the Amazon Echo Wall Clock. Amazon’s actually stopped shipping for a couple weeks while they figure this out.

That’s it in terms of the latest #smarthome and #homeautomation #news, features, and products from around the world!

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