New Home Automation Products and New Smart Home Features – March 8, 2018 – EP 7

via IFTTT New Home Automation Products and New Smart Home Features – March 8, 2018 – EP 7

There are a number of new home automation products out on the market this week, as well as a new set of smart home features. With 5 minutes of your time, you can learn all about these new smart home products and features, and keep yourself up to date on the whole automation space.

This week on our 7th episode, I walk you through a new app update from Samsung for the Samsung SmartThings system on both iOS and Android. The new app is ready for download today, but you should probably wait since most of the integration for SmartThings products won’t happen till later this year. You also won’t be able to migrate your account…just yet.

From there, I introduce the newest smart home assistants. HiAssistant and Piccolo. Both of these assistants are intended to enter the market and compete with Google Assistant and Alexa. HiAssistant is built for those in China with a Huawei phone. Piccolo ( is a gesture based assistant ready for launch next month (April).

I walk you through Ember, a smart mug for keeping your coffee (or tea, I guess) at the exact right temperature. I love the idea of this product, especially when you combine it with the fact that it has a saucer that keeps the internal battery charged forever!

Finally, I talk about Nest Hello. Nest Hello is the newly announced doorbell/camera from Google under the Nest brand. The difference here is that Nest Hello comes with some of that facial recognition software we’ve begun to expect from Google. It allows the Nest Hello to cause your Google Home to announce who’s arrived at your door.

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