New Home Automation Products and New Smart Home Features for July 27 2018

via IFTTT New Home Automation Products and New Smart Home Features for July 27 2018

If you’re looking for the latest home automation news, the newest home automation products, and the best new features for your smart home products in 2018, then look no further.

I run you through all the latest in smart home products, as well as the newest home automation features you can find on the market today.

First up this week is the Apple Homepod and what I’ll call the maturing of that smart home speaker. The Apple Homepod has a ways to go to catch up to Google Home and Amazon Echo, but it’s gaining new features quickly. Apple Homepod and iOS 12 are supposed to be able to make phone calls, use the Find my iPhone feature with Siri, and to initiate and end multiple timers.

Philips Hue has announced a whole new set of products. First, there’s the new outdoor color LED strip from Philips that comes in 2 or 5-meter lengths. On top of that, the Adore series of smart bathroom lights include everything from spotlights to a mirror. Then there’s the Philips Hue Devote and Explore pendant lamps that hang down from your ceiling. All this has been announced very recently and improves your smart home lighting.

Bixby is Samsung’s smart home voice assistant, but it hasn’t received great reviews as of yet. It’s definitely behind the eight ball, but that isn’t going to stop Samsung from releasing a $300 smart home speaker that will obviously be competing with the top home automation devices out there today. There will have to be massive improvements to Bixby in order to compete in this market, as we’ve seen Apple even struggle here.

Google Chromecast has an Ambient mode feature that most people love. I love it, and I’m betting you do too. Either way, the new Ambient mode is improved with 3 new ways to use it. First is the original Ambient mode with the great pictures Google provides us today. Secondly is a personal photos mode, and thirdly is an experimental mode with a connection to Facebook and Flickr.

There are a huge number of indie smart home products this week that I talk about. Ovis is a smart suitcase that follows you down the airport using AI and cameras, as well as a smart watch/band.

LightCam is just that, a smart light and a smart home camera combined into one outdoor device. It has many options for storage and I love the design of this one.

Knocki is probably my favorite product this week, and I don’t say that lightly. You literally knock on a surface (and you can configure it many ways) and you will get your Knocki to trigger other smart home products or notifications to your phone. I love this product…and need one immediately.

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