New Home Automation Products and New Smart Home Features for April 19, 2018

via IFTTT New Home Automation Products and New Smart Home Features for April 19, 2018

If you want to know all of the latest smart home features and new home automation products out on the market today, then stop here and spend five minutes with my latest episode in our series.

There has never been a better year for home automation than 2018. 2018 smart home products are some of the best we’ve seen and they’re the easiest to use. What’s more is that companies are adding a massive amount of 2018 new smart home updates to their products.

First up this week is IFTTT and the Watson Assistant (the IBM virtual assistant for businesses) working together to get Watson on the IFTTT platform. I can’t wait to see that happen, as it will help us connect our home and business automation.

Google has created a set of AIY kits for home automation. The one I feature this week is called the AIY Vision Kit and allows you to build a smart home camera using components sold to you by Google. There is also a smart speaker kit.

Sonos One speakers are now coming out in multiple colors (at least temporarily). There are new red, yellow, and green versions of the Sonos One.

The Hive Hub and Philips Hue have come together and now you can use Philips Hue lights on the Hive Hub. You can now control them entirely through the Hive Hub, and that’s a big win for both companies.

Nest has come out with two updates. First off, they’re making a play (a business offer) for Withings from Nokia. It’s still going to go through a regulatory process with the government of France, but it could help Nest build an even bigger list of smart home and health related products.

On top of that, Nest now has their temperature sensor functionality included in their app. This shows us they’re finally ready to ship those new sensors (or at least soon).

The Upstage 360 is a smart speaker that puts out sound in 360 degrees (hence the name). What’s more, the product can dock both an Echo Dot and a Chromecast and then let you use those through its interface. Here’s the kickstarter link:

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