New Home Automation Products and New Smart Home Features and a Google Home Mini Giveaway – EP 9

via IFTTT New Home Automation Products and New Smart Home Features and a Google Home Mini Giveaway! EP 9

We’re giving away a Google Home Mini! Check below for the giveaway rules and conditions.

Today’s new home automation products and new smart home features a large number of new smart home products for 2018. This is some of the best smart home technology you can find today, and it’s also some of the newest cool smart home features you can find.

Starting us off is the new (old) business assistant by IBM named Watson. Watson has been around for a while, but he’s now ready for a larger deployment. He’ll go up against Alexa for Business in the battle for the business automation space.

Philips Hue has now announced another product (or at least teased one). They’ve teased a new light switch named Range by Philips. It’s intended as the answer to your issues with light switches standing in the way of your smart bulbs.

Onyx by Orion isn’t a brand new product, but it is a great innovation. I stumbled across this device and immediately wanted to know more. Onyx is essentially a business team communication tool. It looks like a Star Trek communicator, and it works across networks. You can be on a different wifi network and actually receive/send messages. It can also use your phone cell connection. Check out Orion Labs’ Onyx system here:

Oh, and Google Home is available in Italian! There, I said it!

In terms of IFTTT connections, there are two new services I want to let you know about. Cortana and Noon Home are now connected to IFTTT. Cortana is the voice-enabled assistant from Microsoft, while Noon Home is a smart light switch.

The Nest Temperature Sensor is now available. It’s a $40 USD sensor that’s intended to work with both the Nest and Nest E. These sensors can go all over your home and you can teach Nest to keep different rooms at the “right” temperature at different times of the day.

Koogeek’s L3 Padlock is an interesting smart home device. It’s a padlock that uses both bluetooth connectivity to Apple Homekit (read: your iPhone) as well as a fingerprint scanner to open/close. It’s a pretty interesting product that I think there are a lot of home applications for. You can also set notifications to go out when your lock opens or closes.

Now for the Google Home Mini Giveaway!

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