New Home Automation Products and New Features – Feb 29 2018 – EP 6

via IFTTT New Home Automation Products and New Features – Feb 29 2018 – EP 6

This week, we roll through 4 new home automation products that are available for purchase (or just being announced). We also talk about 2 new features available for smart home products.

The first product is named the ROAV Viva. Right now, the Viva is for sale on using the coupon code VIVACARA at (affiliate link). This device has Amazon Alexa on board and gives you the capability of charging 2 USB devices through it. It plugs into your DC power plug in your car (cigarette lighter for you old folks), and also has a mute button on it.

Next up from Lenovo is the new Yoga 730 laptop. With Alexa built right in and a far-field microphone embedded, this new Yoga is sure to help you out with automation both at home or at work (or…maybe even school).

We also talk through a thermal jacket ( with Alexa built in, and the new GE ZWave sensors ( that are coming out soon. While GE has its hands in most consumer electronics, it’s been a bit slower to catch up to the likes of Google, Samsung, and Amazon in the world of automation.

Our two new smart home features are related to software. First up, we talk through IFTTT’s new capability for triggering multiple actions from one trigger. This new feature has been provided to some of the major builders of applets, and I’m thinking this will set IFTTT ahead of the competition once again.

Finally, McAfee and Alexa have been partnered up and will eventually allow you voice control of your security scanning. You’ll be able to ask McAfee to scan your network, turn off certain items’ network access (so it’ll act like the Disney Circle), and complete other security-type actions.

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