New Amazon Echo and Google Home Features and Updates And a Google Home Mini Giveaway – EP 4

via IFTTT New Amazon Echo and Google Home Features and Updates And a Google Home Mini Giveaway – EP 4

Welcome to our third video detailing all of the new features and new updates to both Google Home and Amazon Alexa, the Echo series. Everything we talk about here includes the Google Home Mini and the Google Home Max as well. This week, we’re also giving away a Google Home Mini as part of this video as well. See the giveaway details below!

The first update to talk about is on the Amazon Alexa. There’s a new brief mode for Amazon Echo. The brief mode or skill allows you to have less talking back and forth with Alexa. She doesn’t say “Ok” at the end of every command, and she also will beep at the end of most discussions.

Next up is a skill from a company called Diageo. It’s essentially your in-home bartender as it will tell you what drinks you can make with the ingredients in your home. It’ll also tell you which bars are near with Diageo’s products in it.

Google Home then takes over our video with new features related to your financial transactions. The first way is related to shopping. We all know that Alexa can buy products using only your voice (and some settings), but Google has thus far been unable to do this. They’ve now partnered with large retailers like Target, Walmart, and others. Those shopping results will show up in Google Search and on the Assistant.

Following up with that is a new peer to peer money transfer option on Google Assistant on Android devices. You can send your contacts money using your Google Assistant and with Google Wallet. This is only available in the US at the moment, however. Despite this, the feature is expected to expand internationally quickly.

Daon on the Amazon Alexa app is a P2P money transfer system as well. Unfortunately, you’ll still need your phone to process the transaction, but you can start the process with your Echo series device with Alexa on board.

Google has also ensured that fans of rugby in many countries will have access to live scores and schedules. Now, this is especially important in Australia this week.

Audible by Amazon is a new service being rolled out internationally by Amazon where you can subscribe and have audiobooks read on your Alexa-enabled device. The current price is $15 CDN per month after a 90-day trial by Amazon.

The Panasonic GA10 is a smart speaker powered by Google Home that’s finally ready to hit the market. It’s intended as a middle ground between Google Home and Google Home Max, and is quite the tall, slender, black speaker. Its sound quality is rumored to be very strong.

Google Lens is an incredible application and a pretty impressive piece of AI. You can now scan business cards using Google Assistant with Google Lens. Also, you can scan plants and other objects and get information from them.

Now for the Google Home Mini Giveaway!

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