Nest Cam IQ Indoor Unbox and Setup with Google Assistant

Nest Cam IQ Indoor Unbox and Setup with Google Assistant

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor smart home camera is one of the top devices on the market today. Let me show you how to get the Nest Cam IQ setup and also what’s inside the box as I get it unboxed.

From the time you open up the Nest Cam IQ Indoor, you’ll be impressed with the quality of what Nest has done here. The Nest Cam IQ product line is extremely well packaged, with smart packaging materials and really well put together boxes. The camera itself comes out beautifully, looks great, and feels like a strong and sturdy device. What’s more, the #NestCamIQ has a 10 foot power cable, and an international ready power adapter. The box also contains a set of mounting screws and a mounting plate that limits vibration from outside sources.

Once you get the device plugged in, you get a nice little sound that alerts you that the device is ready. From there, the setup process is very simple no matter what the situation is. You’ll need a #Nest account in order to #setup the Nest Cam IQ Indoor, or any Nest camera really.

From there, there are literally hundreds of settings that will make your camera work exactly how you’d like. This camera can literally do anything you want it to, and it also includes the Google Assistant, so it can basically make you supper.

Or at least, it could order you pizza.

In any case, watch the video for the full run through of all the settings and make sure you subscribe for more coverage of the Nest cameras.

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