Lenovo Smart Display Full Setup Video

via IFTTT Lenovo Smart Display Full Setup Video

If you need the complete set up for your Lenovo Smart Display, then you’ve come to the right place. The Lenovo Smart Display with the Google Assistant on board is currently one of the premiere smart home devices on the planet.

Admittedly, this video steals from our Google Home Hub full set up video because the devices are so similar. However, where there are key differences, we’ve made sure you’re aware and covered! Get your #Lenovo #SmartDisplay setup and working for you completely! Use the time codes below to skip between different parts of the video as you need them.

00:50 – Initial unboxing of Lenovo Smart Display
01:46 – The power adapter. Is it international ready?
02:14 – Physical device attributes
03:36 – Why making Duo video calls is better on the Lenovo Smart Display
03:59 – Start of setting up Lenovo Smart Display
07:49 – Wifi troubleshooting tips and tricks
15:54 – Welcome video from Lenovo and Google
16:51 – Finalizing setup process
17:26 – Start of Lenovo Smart Display device settings
19:58 – Changing the device room
21:38 – Forgetting your wifi network to change your wifi password
21:49 – Setting up filters and downtime – Digital Wellbeing
26:00 – Scheduling downtime on the Smart Display
27:04 – Default speaker
28:44 – Alarms and timers with demonstration
31:21 – Night mode keeps your device quiet between specific hours
32:30 – Turning your Lenovo Smart Display into a digital photo display
33:37 – Start and end sound accessibility option
34:33 – Accessibility option full walkthrough
41:21 – Pairing Bluetooth devices
43:33 – Time formatting
43:38 – Getting some features early
44:15 – Helping Google Assistant to hear you
44:43 – Removing the Lenovo Smart Display from your home if you ever sell your device
44:55 – How to factory reset the Lenovo Smart Display
45:06 – “System firmware, cast firmware, and other versions”
46:01 – Google Home application more settings start
46:12 – Your personal information and how that affects the device
47:24 – Getting the Lenovo Smart Display to remember facts and people for you
48:57 – Remembering facts demonstration
51:31 – “Google Assistant settings, starting with multiple languages”
52:11 – Changing the Assistant’s voice
52:50 – Continued conversations with Smart Displays
54:50 – Home Control in the Assistant Screen isn’t very useful anymore
56:27 – How to make Google Duo calls and phone calls
57:12 – Google Duo full setup requirements
58:51 – “Music, news, and Photos/Video services”
1:01:05 – Managing your calendar with the Lenovo Smart Display
1:02:40 – Stocks and the shopping list
1:03:25 – “Calendar, stocks, and news demonstration”
1:05:07 – “Google Home application – Home Page Controls – Off/On, Home, Play buttons”
1:06:10 – Google Home Hub media control on Google Home application
1:07:49 – Google Home application – Home Page Controls – Broadcast buttons
1:09:24 – “Google Home application – Home page – Home control items, lights, switches, rooms, speakers”
1:13:31 – Google Home application – Discover and browse pages
1:14:50 – Using your Lenovo Smart Display with music services
1:18:08 – Playing Apple Music with Bluetooth (or playing any music with Bluetooth)
1:21:00 – How to play Apple Music with Bluetooth
1:24:19 – “Speaker comparison – Lenovo Smart Display vs Google Home Hub, Mini, standard”
1:25:31 – Adding other smart home devices to your Smart Display
1:30:20 – Other home control device demonstration (Harmony Hub)
1:30:34 – Home control menu on Lenovo Smart Display
1:31:45 – “Display brightness, do not disturb, volume controls on display”
1:32:26 – Interface layout and basic functions on Lenovo Smart Display
1:33:02 – Play YouTube videos on the Lenovo Smart Display
1:33:29 – Play relaxing sounds to help you sleep (or relax)
1:33:44 – Use a form of continued conversations
1:34:21 – Exploring everything the Lenovo Smart Display can do out of the box
1:36:20 – Additional home control demonstrations
1:37:28 – Final comments

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