It’s here! BenQ ScreenBar Plus LED Computer Monitor Lamp

Back in January we were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e-Reading lamp.

It’s here!

Gaming with the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e-Reading Lamp

Like I was saying earlier, I have enjoyed BenQ’s monitors. I have two monitors side-by-side; the BenQ FP93G X 19″ and a 24 inch RL2455 as the main screen. I find myself using my RL2455 for my main work and game playing, and use the still awesome FP93X(19) for support, photos, referencing etc.

So, we’ll review the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e-Reading Lamp on the 24″ BenQ RL2455.


The ScreenBar Plus comes in a compact, sleek box. There is minimal assembly instructions – in fact, all the steps are laid out on the back of the box. The setup diagrams are well drawn out and easy to read. Assembly took approximately 5 minutes.

There are only 3 components to put together: lamp, mountand Power/Dimmer dial. As mentioned earlier, the setup was easy. The lamp is held in the mount, the mount is clamped on top of the monitor, micro USB is inserted into the lamp, the USB is connected to your computer. Done.

Two things to note: (1) The mount is actually a counter-balance clamp. The mount rests on top of monitors that have a bezel width between 1-3cm. Rest the flat edge of the mount on the monitor, then adjust the clamp to ensure the mount rests flat. Phew! You didn’t break it. (2) The distance between micro USB lamp connection and USB port is approximately 5 ft (60 inches or 152 cm). Then you need space for he power/dimmer dial to sit between the monitor and yourself.

Using the lamp with different programs

Using the lamp

Now, I would think that you’re using this lamp later in the evening, when you have the lights off or dimmed to make use of your new special LED computer lamp.

Have to say at first glance, the BenQ ScreenBar Plus ‘reading lamp’ is sleek. The ‘silver’ color matches the black bezeled monitors and it fits really well on top – it’s not going anywhere. No concern of the lamp falling off the monitor – it’s solid. It’s aesthetically pleasing (aluminum finish) to look at . The controls and wires are minimal. The control (power/dimmer) is quite simple and intuitive to use.

The ScreenBar Plus provides you with control right in front of you. You don’t have to reach to the top of the lamp to change the brightness, light color (hue) or power. In fact, you don’t have to adjust the brightness – BenQ can do that for you (Auto Dimmer). The power dial has the right weight and rubber base to keep the dial resting snug to the table surface.

Since the the USB cable (power) is connected directly to your computer, the lamp turns on automatically when you power up your PC. You have the option to press the Power/Dial to turn the light on and off as you please. BenQ provides the option of adjusting the Brightness or Hue with one button. Press button turn the dial. Really simple and intuitive.

The ScreenBar lamp gives you the ability to adjust both brightness and hue to give you the warmth (yellow) or cool white that you need to keep your eyes relaxed while working or gaming. Once you press the Auto Dimmer, the light sensor measures the light and determines the best setting for both color and brightness (300-500 lux).

I covered the Light sensor to see if it would change the settings – the auto-dimmer increased the brightness.

If you’re considering giving your eyes some extra support (by reducing glare) during those late nights in front the monitor, you should consider BenQ’s ScreenBar Plus e-Reading lamp. This might be a solution to reduce fatigue and increase some much needed productivity.

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Different uses for the lamp – watching movies; Everything is awesome!

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