How to Use Google Home Continued Conversations

via IFTTT How to Use Google Home Continued Conversations

The Google Home’s Continued Conversation (some people call it Continuous Conversation with Google Home) feature is released and I show you how to use it in this tutorial video related to the Google Home and the Google Assistant.

Of course, you can use Google Home, Google Home Mini, or Google Home Max (and I’m sure any of the upcoming Google Home Smart Display devices) along with the Continued Conversation feature. In this video, I show you the feature working with a standard Google Home.

One of the critical pieces of information you need right now is that your Google Assistant language and your Google Home language must be on English (United States). This is while Google rolls out the Continued Conversation feature for all of their languages. Right now, it’s only for those with that language selected. Having said that, I am in Canada and the feature works for me (as long as I use English (United States), that is).

There are a few other nuances associated with Continuous Conversations on Google Home, or Continued Conversations on Google Home, that I tell you about, including how to end the conversation, how long Google Home listens for, and multi-user conversations with Google Home.

All in all, the new continued conversation feature on your Google Home and Google Assistant is incredible. I love it, and I’m sure you will too.

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