How to Update Your Google Home (And Make Sure You Have the Latest Firmware)

via IFTTT How to Update Your Google Home (And Make Sure You Have the Latest Firmware in 2018)

How do you update Google Home’s firmware and make sure you have the latest update for your Google Home in 2018? It’s not that easy, and it can cause a lot of people some heartache. Of course, this tutorial how-to video also helps you update your Google Home Mini, and Google Home Max. Both of those devices can cause you a bit of an issue when updating Google Home and the Google Assistant.

Of course, it’s very important to keep your Google Home updated in 2018. You can get access to all of the new and upcoming features as soon as is possible. I also show you how to trick the system a little and get updates ahead of other users.

The first trick is to join the preview program. This has a lot of us on the 124602 update instead of the standard 118 version of the Google Home. Secondly, it also helps to choose your language as English United States instead of any other language. This will get you a bit of early access vs other users of the Google Home.

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