How to Sync iPhone Contacts to Android, Gmail, Google, or Google Home

via IFTTT How to Sync iPhone Contacts to Android, Gmail, Google, or Google Home

There are a number of apps and options out there on iOS devices to allow you to synchronize your iOS contacts from your iPhone or iPad to your Android Phone, Android Tablet, Gmail account, or Google’s account in general. Those applications and options might work for a time being, but ultimately, this tutorial video will work for as long as iOS and Google both exist.

The best way to synchronize your contacts is simply through an export/import function all on the internet. You’ll need your iOS account and your Google account credentials, and then you’ll simply export your credentials from iOS onto a file, and then upload said file to your Google account (

All in all, this is a very short process and it allows you to maintain your contacts indefinitely in both operating systems and on all of your devices.

You can synchronize contacts from your iOS device or iPhone to Google Home through this process, and you can also synchronize your contacts to Gmail through this. This will also ensure that you have the same set of contacts on all of your Google Accounts, as well as any Android phone or tablet that you have.

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