How to Setup Samsung SmartThings Hub – And Unboxing

via IFTTT How to Setup Samsung SmartThings Hub (And Unboxing)

I set up the Samsung SmartThings Hub after unboxing the device. I use my iPhone to set up the iOS app for SmartThings and get it working with a Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor that I set up as well.

All in all, Samsung SmartThings is mainly made for a few things. Really, when I look at it, Samsung SmartThings is made for home security. It’s also made for integrating with a number of products, including Google Home, Alexa/Amazon Echo, Arlo, Philips Hue, Nest, and many other products.

In this video, I take the box apart and show you what you get inside. I then install the iOS application and show you the account setup screens. From there, I add the Hub to the application’s setup and get it working within my smart home. After that, I get the Motion Sensor opened up, and “Add a Thing” to the application. I then set up the Security feature within the automation section of the application and make sure that my system can Arm, Disarm, and trigger alerts based on the motion sensor seeing activity when it’s in an armed state.

The Samsung SmartThings Hub and its sensors are an impressive piece of technology that I think will go a long ways for people who’d like to set up a home security system in their home without paying a monthly fee. For me, this will work for most people and I think it can replace most of the companies that provide monthly subscription services.

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