How to get an Amazon Echo in Australia, Canada, India, or Mexico

via IFTTT How to get an Amazon Echo in Australia, Canada, India, or Mexico

Where do you buy an Amazon Echo in Canada? Where do you buy an Amazon Echo in Australia? When will Amazon’s Echo be available in India, Mexico, or other countries? If I’m not in the US or UK, how do I get an Amazon Echo?

These are all pretty important questions if you’re like me and live outside of the US or UK. It can be extremely difficult to get the Amazon Echo in countries like Canada, so I take you through the exact process I used to get my Amazon Echo.

Essentially, I used a service called Parcl ( and went through account set up there. I use this video to show you how to import an Amazon Echo into your country. I show you how to create a request on Parcl, and how to interact on the website. I show you the different options you have for importing products, like getting pictures and proving that products work before they’re shipped to you. Ultimately, I give you the chance to bring in great home automation products with Parcl.

Full disclosure, I did reach out to Parcl when producing this video and I did ask them to sponsor the video. They decided they would based on the fact that I wanted to promote their service and also because I know my followers would want to know how to bring in the Amazon Echo.

I know people are asking if Amazon Echo or Alexa will work in Canada, India, Mexico, or Australia (or other countries). I’ve already answered that question in my previous video about Amazon Echo being set up and working in my home. Here’s the URL to that setup video:

So there you have it. If you’re in any of those great countries above, you can absolutely get an Amazon Echo. You can get the Amazon Echo Dot, and you can get the new Amazon Echo 2 in Canada, Australia, Mexico, or India. Happy importing!

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