How to Create a Custom Alexa Skill For Your Echo Device – Alexa Blueprint Skills

via IFTTT How to Create a Custom Alexa Skill For Your Echo Device – Alexa Blueprint Skills

Have you ever tried to build a custom Alexa skill for your Amazon Echo? You can do this through what’s called Blueprints by Amazon. Amazon has published a large number of base skills for you to use and modify in order to create custom skills for your home.

In this tutorial video about Alexa and the Echo series, I show you how to build your own custom skills through the Blueprints website and how to ensure they get implemented on your Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Plus. In this video, I use an Echo Plus, but you could use any of the Amazon Echo series of devices with Alexa on board to implement this.

What’s amazing about Amazon Blueprints is how easy the process is to create your own Alexa skills. There’s no programming knowledge required and all you have to do is ensure your language settings are set to English (US). Your physical location doesn’t matter at all.

What I’ve used this so far is for knowledge transfer about my home. Whenever I have a babysitter in my home, he/she can find the answers to most questions through the My Babysitter skill that I’ve created. Anyone in my home just has to speak the words Alexa, Open My Babysitter to get all the information they could ever need to take care of my child.

You could of course extend this functionality in 100 different ways, and I’ll be bringing you some of those over the next few weeks.

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