How to Control Smart Home Devices With The Lenovo Smart Display and Google Assistant

via IFTTT How to Control Smart Home Devices With The Lenovo Smart Display and Google Assistant

The Lenovo Smart Display has Google Assistant on board, and with that comes the ability to control a whole host of smart home and home automation device control. You can literally control your whole home if you’d like, and the Lenovo Smart Display is capable of doing it in a way you’ll love.

Watch me as I walk through a full demo of the Google Assistant and Lenovo Smart Display’s home automation capability. I’ll give you how to control your smart lights, control your smart plugs, control your TV, and even broadcast media to other devices, all through the Lenovo Smart Display.

The Google Assistant being on the Smart Display makes this incredibly easy, especially if you already have a Google Home or Google Home Mini. If you don’t, it’s still a pretty easy setup process.

With the #LenovoSmartDisplay, there are two components to smart home control. First, there’s the voice control through #GoogleAssistant. Secondly, there’s a visual interface that comes up, per smart home device, once you’ve called up the device using your voice.

Personally, I love this home automation device from Lenovo. They’ve created a product that’s nothing short of incredible and this is just a simple showcase of the capability.

The one drawback I’ll tell you about is the inability to cast to this device with many services. As of now, you cannot cast to Lenovo Smart Display with Netflix (and most other video/TV services). It’s the one omission that I can’t get fixed…at least not yet.

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