How To Buy The Best Router or WiFi System For Your Smart Home

How To Buy The Best Router or WiFi System For Your Smart Home

When you’re building out your smart home, you need to think about your home’s WiFi router or Mesh WiFi system. You don’t just need any of the standard “best” routers out there, because that won’t necessarily prepare you for the future of your Smart Home. Instead, there are a few specifics you’ll need to consider. I give those to you here so you buy the best mesh WiFi for your smart home.

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The first thing I do in this video is I give you my 3 different criteria that I believe are absolute must-haves when purchasing your WiFi router or Mesh WiFi system. I give you some speed ratings and some requirements for specific capabilities.

I then give you 5 different nice-to-have items that should be included in your purchasing decisions. However, some of these items you can look past if you’re still getting a great WiFi system…just know that it may someday miss the proverbial boat.

Finally, I walk you through my 4 different choices for WiFi Routers or Mesh WiFi systems. I don’t believe that you can make a mistake when purchasing any of these systems, and they’re all going to do fantastic in your smart home.

First up is Google WiFi – 3 Pack – $299 USD – Amazon –

Next is Orbi Wifi Mesh – 2 Pack – $369 USD – Amazon –

3rd up is the Eero and Beacon system – 2 pack – $299 USD – Amazon –

Finally, the Asus AC86U 2900 Router – $199 USD – Amazon –

For a full comparison, watch our video. However, at a high level here are the positives and negatives:

Google WiFi is a trusted maker of smart home and network equipment. Their set up is easy and the management of the devices are easy. They’re AC1900 so they’re plenty fast, but they don’t have MU-MIMO on their routers. They’re also not that expensive for 3 devices at $300.

Netgear’s Orbi system is top of the line, with some of the highest speeds out there. They use a third band transmitter for the backhaul traffic and they are AC3000. They can cover up to 5000 sq feet with two, but these are bulky devices. They’re also on the expensive end of the devices, at $370 USD.

The Eero Home Wifi system is excellent, with included 802.15.4 support, some of the quickest speeds, and a great design. Unfortunately, they don’t cover as much area as you’d hope with a 1 Eero + 1 Beacon system (1500 Square feet approximately). You might need 2 Beacons, and that runs you $385 USD.

Finally, Asus’ AC86U is an incredible router, but not a WiFi mesh system. Asus has had some of the best routers on the market for years, and they do great. Despite the AC86U not being a mesh system, Asus will let you use some of their other routers as part of their AiMesh system, effectively giving you a mesh system for around that $300 USD mark. The AC86U, which might work well enough for a lot of people, is $200 USD on its own.

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