How to build a Smart Home for $250 USD – Start Your First Smart Home

via IFTTT How to build a Smart Home for $250 USD – Start Your First Smart Home

If you’re looking to start building a smart home, you don’t necessarily want to spend a ton. I built a smart home setup for $250 USD that you can use as a beginner’s guide to the products you’ll want.

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide on which smart home devices you’re going to want to buy. The reason is, this is the basis of your smart home.

First up is the Google Home Mini. It’s a $49 USD smart home device that becomes the center point of most of your home automation. You can build your smart home system around this and create a lot of smart home functionality simply with it. From calendars, to maps, to reminders, and the simple search functionality, Google Home Mini and the Google Assistant gives you a ton.

What’s more, I have a ton of playlists on this channel for getting the Google Home Mini setup in your home. Here’s my Setting Up your Google Home playlist:

Next up is what everyone wants to start with. Your smart home needs a smart light bulb (or two), and the Philips Hue Starter Kit gives you just that. Here’s the (affiliate) link to that:

Now, the reason I recommend Philips is because their lights are simply unparalleled. There is simply no lighting product out there that produces such great effects and such simple functionality. Yes, they can be a little pricey, but not for the basic bulbs.

Next up are a couple devices from Google (again). The Google Chromecast Audio allows you to turn any speaker with a 3.5 mm input port (or another analog signal) into a smart speaker. You can control it with your Google Home or Google Home app, and it can bring an old speaker to life again. It’s a whole $35 USD.

The other Google device is Google Chromecast, which allows you to put Netflix, YouTube, and more on your TV. All you need is an HDMI port and you can get your Google Home, iPhone, or Android device to “cast” to your TV…from all of those sources. They’re amazing devices, again, for $35 USD.

Finally, you’re going to want a couple of smart home plugs to make something that’s “dumb” into something that’s smart. TP-Link has a pair for around $40 that’ll allow you to build your smart home fully. If you have an air conditioner or something you’d like to automate that turns on instantly when you give it power, these are the devices for you. Here’s an (affiliate) link: or

All in all, this will get you started in a big way with your own smart home. None of these products will steer you wrong, and I think you’ll find them a great addition to your home (and soon your smart home).

If you need any recommendations for home automation products, here’s my Amazon Influencer Shop. Yes, I make money if you buy a product from Amazon through this link, but I’ve only included products I personally recommend. It’s a curated list of high-quality smart home products.

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