Harman Kardon Invoke and Sonos One – Brand New Smart Home Hubs

via IFTTT Harman Kardon Invoke and Sonos One – Brand New Smart Home Hubs

It’s time for another update, and this time it’s coming to us from two new entries into the world of Smart Home Hubs. We have two home automation hubs, the Harman Kardon Invoke with Cortana (from Microsoft) and the Sonos One with Alexa (from Amazon).

Both of these new devices are exciting and will be on store shelves right away. In fact, the Sonos One is already available and you can buy it immediately!

If you’ve ever played a Halo game, you’ll know all about Cortana. Cortana is Microsoft’s assistant that came from the Halo series of games. She’s shown up on the latest Microsoft operating systems and has become an assistant as of late.

Sonos One is truly the first opportunity for Canadians to get Alexa at home. This will be the case for many countries and it’s very exciting to see the Alexa brand branch out on other devices.

Both speakers are intended to be high quality in terms of audio quality and also are meant to look fantastic in your home. For me, the Invoke is a great looking device and it’s made of great material. The Sonos One is true to the Sonos look, and as such it will always be in style.

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