Google Home With Yeelight Color Bulb – With Flow Capability

via IFTTT Google Home With Yeelight Color Bulb – With Flow Capability

The Google Home with Yeelight is an easy integration to complete. Not only can you get your Yeelight bulb changing color, brightness, and even setting a scene, you can even get the flow capability working with your Google Home.

Google Home Mini and Yeelight work together as well, as well as the Google Assistant with Yeelight. There’s really no limit when it comes to Yeelight and Google’s smart home capability.

The one tricky thing (I mentioned earlier in the description) is that the Flow capability in a Yeelight color bulb is a little more difficult to set up and get working with your Google Home or Google Home Mini. The way to get around this issue is simply to create a scene in the Yeelight application that uses the Flow option. From there, you can trigger that on and off using Google Home, Google Assistant, or Google Home Mini (or Max, for that matter).

In this video, I also use the Lenovo Smart Display to show you it can be done with any Google Assistant-enabled product.

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