Google Home With Harmony Hub – Updated Setup Video

via IFTTT Google Home With Harmony Hub – Updated Setup Video

Our previous Google Home with Harmony Hub video had to utilize Stringify in order to make the integration of these two devices work together.

Thanks to our subscribers (readers and viewers) who pointed out that Harmony Hub and Google Home could now integrate directly and that we could simply connect the two Smart Home devices using the Google Home app on iOS or Android. Here’s the link to that old video if you’d like it:

The Harmony Hub on Amazon – (affiliate)
The Harmony Hub with Companion Remote on Amazon – (affiliate)

As a result, I went through the setup process for Harmony Hub with Google Home and I take you through that process. I show you how to connect Logitech Harmony Hub to the Google Home app and then once that’s accomplished, I show you the myriad of commands that are available to you as a Harmony Hub and Google Home user.

The Google Assistant on Google Home has a ton of commands available for Harmony Hub. Simply put, pretty much every command you have available on your remote can be accomplished through your Google Home now. You just have to know the command words.

What’s more, is if you spend a little time putting together shortcuts for this feature, you’ll immediately love the integration of these two great devices. Both the Google Home and the Harmony Hub have their own uses, but when combined, the two become a great team for home entertainment systems and for home automation.

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