Google Home vs Echo Plus 2nd Generation vs Echo Plus 1st Generation

via IFTTT Google Home vs Echo Plus 2nd Generation vs Echo Plus 1st Generation

It’s time to do a direct comparison of the Google Home, the Echo Plus 2nd generation, and the Echo Plus 1st generation. These three products are set to go head to head for the next year or so (maybe not the 1st generation Echo Plus…) as the flagship devices for their respective smart home ecosystems.

The Google Home boasts a great look and feel, a strong speaker, and the incredible Google Assistant. What’s more is Google Assistant is about to become Google Duplex, and the incredible abilities that go along with that are amazing. On top of that, Google has YouTube, YouTube Music, Chromecast, Spotify, Deezer, and many other services attached to their Google Cast capability. This means you can have an incredible experience in terms of music, video, and of course with the incredible Google Assistant.

On the flip side, the Google Home sometimes looks a little dated to me, and while their Google Assistant is nearly perfect, some of their integration with other smart home products isn’t perfect. For example, the Echo Plus has a Zigbee Hub, which allows for the elimination of hubs like the Samsung SmartThings hub. The speaker quality on the Google Home is great, but I think it just isn’t able to keep up with Amazon’s new Sub pairing capabilities.

However, when we talk about the Amazon Echo Plus 2nd generation device, we’re talking about a smart home speaker that really means business. The speaker is improved over the 1st generation device, the Zigbee Hub is still on board, which makes for fantastic smart home control, the Alexa app is recently updated and is excellent, and the new design improves the look and feel significantly. What’s more, if you buy a new Echo Sub, you’re going to get an unbelievable smart home speaker setup and an unbelievable music experience.

On the flip side, the Amazon Echo Plus 2nd generation does struggle in a few ways. Alexa just isn’t at the same level as the Google Assistant. Amazon’s music and video services aren’t on the same level either, and they can’t get YouTube on their system at all.

In the end, the battle between #GoogleHome and the #EchoPlus really comes down to the voice assistant for me. In the end, the Google Assistant wins that battle hands down, and therefore, I’m recommending the Google Home. Having said that, if you want a true audio-rich experience, the new Echo Plus 2 is amazing. Pair the Echo Plus 2nd generation with an Echo Sub, and believe me when I say this, it is an amazing audio experience.

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