Google Home vs Amazon Alexa – Reminders and Timers

via IFTTT Google Home vs Amazon Alexa – Reminders and Timers

I have taken the time to pit Google Home vs Amazon Alexa (or Google Home vs Amazon Echo) in terms of features and capabilities. In each video in this series, I’m going to compare the two voice-enabled assistants (Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa).

In our fourth video comparing Amazon Alexa vs Google Assistant, I show off the reminders and timers features in both the apps and on both the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices.

What I found is that Google Home is capable of pretty much everything I could test. Google Assistant is capable of setting timers and reminders, you can set them based on a location, make them recurring, get information about them, and even get them on your phone. You can also create reminders and timers on your phone, but that’s done through the Google Assistant application (and is still spoken…but I like that).

On the flip side, Amazon Alexa and the Echo series find themselves playing a little catch-up. They cannot yet set location-based reminders, and they can’t set recurring reminders. The fact that I couldn’t set a recurring reminder really surprised me, as I thought Amazon would be way ahead in all of this (especially considering how far ahead they are in calendar features).

In the end, Google Home takes the reminders and timers feature battle against Amazon Echo and Amazon Alexa.

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