Google Home Vs Amazon Alexa – Asking Questions and Getting Answers

via IFTTT Google Home Vs Amazon Alexa – Asking Questions and Getting Answers

I continue our comparison video series where we take Google Home and we put all of its features and capabilities up against Amazon Echo (Plus) and the Alexa voice assistant.

In this latest battle of Google Home vs Alexa, I ask questions and see what answers come back. The winner is the voice-enabled assistant that asks the most questions with the best answers.

I go through a basic information lookup, then looking up specific information, trivia, localized information, food, and finally science-based questions. I ask these questions of both Alexa and the Google Assistant.

In the end, the Google Home comes out on top in 2018 when it comes to asking questions and getting answers. By no means are either of these home automation hubs perfect, but they’re both quite good at answering the basics.

The real difference between Alexa and Google Home comes when we get to the world of food. The Google Home recipe capabilities really go far beyond what Alexa can provide. Now, having said that, it’s entirely possible to go out and get a Skill on the Amazon Alexa store that provides this same functionality.

However, this battle still goes to Google Home. Amazon has a bit of work to do with Alexa and her ability to answer questions for the average person.

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