Google Home Updates and New Google Assistant Features for July 20, 2018 – And a Google Home Giveaway

via IFTTT Google Home Updates and New Google Assistant Features for July 20, 2018, and a Google Home Giveaway

We’re giving away a Google Home (and a Google Home Mini) on Automate Your Life. Check the details below. This week’s Google Home and Google Assistant new updates and new features video brings us a number of new Google Home features for 2018.

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The Google Home and the Google Assistant both have new updates and new features this week in 2018. The Google Home has been improved in terms of music control, and there’s a new updated Google Home app coming for both iOS and Android devices. The new Google Home app update will happen in the coming months.

The Google Assistant application is also getting a major update. The update is out now, and now Google Assistant has a number of new updates. First up, the Google Assistant homepage now includes everything personal to you. Essentially, you get a Calendar/Event view on Google Assistant, as well as your stocks, weather, and many other personalized items. All of this is on the homepage of the Google Assistant app with the latest update.

What’s more, choosing the Google Assistant voice has become more colorful. There are now colors to choose from instead of numbered Voice Assistants. You can choose the Green Google Assistant, red, purple, and every shade in between. Either way, this is a major Google Assistant update.

The Google Home application has also been updated if you’re in the UK or you’re trying to play music. The UK now has access to the YouTube Music service within the Google Home application, as that’s been added. What you need to watch out for there is the fact that YouTube Music is now the default music provider, so if you want to switch back to Google Music, you’ll need to go into the Google Home app and do that now.

Google Home and Google Assistant can now fully control music. They’ve had some rewind and fast forward capability, but it’s significantly improved now. You can ask specifically how many seconds you’d like to rewind music, and that’s the same for a forward skip. Not only that, but now any device with Google Assistant can control music.

Finally, if you missed my Amazon Prime 2018 video from earlier this week, then you likely missed the sale going on for the Google Home set of devices (for all of July). A Google Home Mini in the US is $34, while a Google Home is $30 off for one and $100 off for two. A pair of Google Home Max devices is on sale for $150 off, and the Nest Hello Doorbell is $30 off (and you get a free Google Home Mini). Finally, the Nest Thermostat E comes with a free Google Home Mini as well. It’s basically Google Home Mini’s for everyone!

Deezer’s music service includes an option for a lossless music stream that’s known as HiFi. If you’re a subscriber to that, then you can get Google Home to play that lossless stream now. That’s of course true with the Google Assistant in general, too.

Finally, you can control the Dish Hopper series of DVRs with your Google Home. You can go ahead and schedule recordings, rewind shows, and just generally control your TV subscription with Dish.

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