Google Home Products and Updates Google Should Do in 2018

via IFTTT Google Home Products and Updates Google Should Do in 2018

There were a lot of great announcements from Google at Google I/O 2018 as it relates to Google Home and the Google Assistant. However, they haven’t covered off everything. At least, not from my perspective. The Google Home can have a whole other set of products and the Google Assistant can still be improved upon.

This is an opinion piece related to the Google Home and the Google Assistant. I don’t actually have any direct information from Google that tells me any of these products or features are on their way.

There still hasn’t been a Google Home outdoor speaker created. I’d like to see it either be portable or be able to sit outside. Either way, I should be able to take my Google Home outside and have all that great functionality (and music) in the great outdoors.

Speaking of portability, the Google Home needs a battery base that you can take with you. I like the ones from NinetyLoft, but I’d like to see one from Google directly that really makes the speaker portable.

I’d like to see sensors that directly work or attach to the Google Home. These would be similar to motion, door, temperature, and light sensors that have been in other smart home systems like the Samsung SmartThings platform. This would give us some additional smart home capability that could “wake” Google Home based on your entry into a room. Of course, there’s a lot more that could be done with that.

Roomba’s stated goal is to map your home and provide you more realistic smart home automation. They’d like to let you walk through a room and know what direction you’re moving, and then adjust your lighting or other components of your smart home. On that note, we haven’t heard about anything that moves from Google with the Google Assistant on board.

We have heard from Google’s FCC filings that they would be able to identify objects in your home, but that doesn’t talk about mobility at all. I’d like to see a mobile version of Google Home that moves about your home. Roomba Home, anyone?

When talking about mobility, we, of course, have to speak about vehicles. There just isn’t a good option with the Google Assistant for your vehicle. Amazon’s ahead in this space with a few good DC power plug in options.

Android P gave us a great set of new functions related to AI, but I’d like to see the Google Assistant be able to bring up any application on your Android device. This started a bit with Android P and the AI App Actions capability, but I’d really like to see the end of the whole application ecosystem being required for integration with the Google Assistant.

What sort of functionality would you like to see from the Google Home and Google Assistant?

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